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COVID Information

Covid-19 is a viral illness with a variety of symptoms. Not everyone has the same symptoms and the duration of illness can be from one week to three weeks. If you test positive for Covid you will need to be isolated for 5 days. You do not need to retest after this point. If you continue to have symptoms past 5 days, stay home until your symptoms resolve. You do not need to retest.

If you are having shortness of breath or are unable to keep fluids down, call our office to see if an appointment is appropriate.

Paxlovid is for adults and children 12 and older who are at higher risk for developing serious COVID-19 disease that may lead to hospitalization and/or death.

Paxlovid should be considered if you meet the following criteria:

Prevention: We strongly recommend the Covid-19 vaccination series and boosters to reduce the risk of severe or complicated Covid-19 infection.

Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)
Tick Bites

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