Our Policies

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Billing Policy

We can bill any insurance carrier, however if we are not “in network” you may be responsible for a higher portion of the charges for service provided. We belong to the following insurance networks:


Please note that there may be some exceptions for coverage, depending on your plan, the services you receive, or the provider you are seeing.  It is always a good idea to call your insurance carrier, or to call us directly to confirm your eligibility.

It is important for you to note that


As a courtesy to you and to expedite payment, we will be happy to bill your insurance plan if you provide us with accurate insurance details. Please note these details may include personal information for a spouse or parent if they are the subscriber on your plan.
Other IMPORTANT notes on our billing policy of which you MUST be aware:

We also believe it is important for all patients to understand the difference between a wellness visit and an office visit. This document helps to clarify the difference, as it can sometimes create confusion for our patients.

No Show Policy

We sincerely understand that life circumstances may not allow you to make it to your appointment, however we feel it important for you to know that we have set aside time for you to meet with your provider, and as a result we likely have turned away other patients needing to be seen. We require 24 hour's notice for a cancellation or reschedule, so same day cancellations may be considered a "no-show". Any patient who does not provide proper notice for missing an appointment will be assessed a fee for the missed appointment, and multiple instances may result in scheduling restrictions or dismissal from the practice. Please make every effort to communicate with us well in advance if you do not think you will make it to your appointment.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our patients is always in the forefront of our minds. That said, we never want to have privacy be a barrier to delivering excellent care to our patients. Please help us navigate this difficult balance by reviewing the following. If you have *any* questions, please call!