Amy Yanicak

Amy Yanicak, PharmD

Amy is a clinical ambulatory care pharmacist and diabetes educator at Richmond Family Medicine. She is also an Assistant Professor in Pharmacy Practice at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Vermont Campus. She completed her degrees at the University of South Carolina, a PGY1 residency in Pharmacy Practice at Providence St Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA, and a PGY2 residency in Family Medicine at University of Washington in Seattle. At Richmond Family Medicine, she works with providers on disease state management and population health projects, such as discontinuing aspirin use or correct inhaler technique counseling. She thoroughly enjoys working collaboratively with patients and their providers to get them off of medications that they don’t receive benefit from in addition to optimizing the ones they need.She works with patients on diabetes, hypertension, pain, weight loss, asthma, and COPD management. She is available for provider appointments or to call if you have a medication question!